Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2

Here I am, for my annual post ... ha, ha! I started going to school full time back in January and so, am even further behind in all my various sewing projects. But, I dream about it and now have a few weeks off from school, so I'm working on getting this mess cleaned up and organized ... shocking and unbelievable ... the state of my sewing corner ... The stuff in the basket and bag in the lower left hand corner of this picture is school work, so that has started to take over what little space I do have. I know this could look so much better though. I think it needs to so I have some motivation to spend time in that corner.

I call this room "the sewing room," even though I hardly ever sew here ... it's where I do my homework for school, pay the bills, read e-mail, etc., and where the guests sleep (can't imagine that happening any time soon!) ...
Anyway, so here I sit, with my little dog, Pippin (what'cha doing mom?), feeling overwhelmed, but wanting to be able to sew again ...... let's see what happens!
Tonight I'm invited to go over and sew with some friends ... might be a good first step go getting on track!