Friday, January 1, 2010

A year goes by ...

Wow! Nearly a year since I've blogged! A ton has happened and a lot is still the same, I'm ready to keep on movin' forward! Happy 2010, everyone!

I finished some projects last year, but not as much as I'd hoped. It is my goal for this year to either finish or re-invent all projects I have going. My other goal is to start designing my own projects rather than just focusing on recreating other people's things. Not that there's anything wrong with using other people patterns, but I have so many ideas that I never actually use that it's bugging me.

The most significant thing has happened as far as sewing and quilting goes is that I've reorganized my sewing room, not once, but twice! Yikes! And I'm still working on finishing up the second time. I will report back, with pictures on this under taking. I'm really into to purging, purging, purging things I've been saving for no good reason!

Anyway, the most significant project I finished this past year was WallFlowers by Waltzing with Bears here's a photo of it hanging at my guild's quilt show last October:
Lots to talk about. I hope to reconnect with a lot of quilters out there in cyber land. Hope everyone has a truly happy and prosperous 2010!


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