Saturday, April 5, 2008

Maple Leaf Memories

Like many quilters, I have a pile of UFOs. I have a goal to finish them ALL this year. Ambitious, I know, but it makes me so happy to finish projects!

This is a project that I love, love, love ... I'm dying to finish it, have it quilted (I typically only hand quilt, so I plan to send bigger quilts out to be quilted) and use it on my bed!

This is called Maple Leaf Memories. From a class that I took year ago ... isn't it scrumptious?!?
Fall is my favorite season ... there is nothing that I love more than the changing of the leaves ... I had so much fun making each of these blocks ... it was so exciting to see how each one would come out. I actually made more blocks than I needed ... so I have a half dozen orphan blocks!

Here's a more detailed view (my sock-clad toes included):
So, if I love this quilt so much, what is the problem? It's the border ... the flying geese ... I have to make 60 of these 4 goose units ... I've made 34 ... I'm getting there, but they are time consuming and I find that I can only stand making them for so long. Every week, I tell myself that I'll make two a day, but it doesn't happen. BTW, there will be a thin red border between the maple leaves and the flying geese and the another thin red border on the outside of the flying geese ... love those flying Dutchmen in the corners.
Anyway. My goal ... is to be done with the flying geese, and have it all assembled by the end of April! I know I can do it ... so here we go ... I guess I'd better make a few today ... :-) ... okay, here I go ... what's that? ... is that the laundry calling me? ... oh what, I think one of the dogs needs to go out ...


Jackie said...

I love that quilt too!! Just tell yourself how pleased you will be when you finish it and how you will get to admire it even more! If you need more motivation, we bloggers can certainly assist!

country mouse said...

That quilt is sooo pretty. I am a 'fall' person too. Just keep thinking positive, you know you are more than half way there with the flying geese, and you know how great you will feel when you get them done. Nothing feels as good as a finish :cD

Good luck knocking down that UFO pile. I have a similar goal. I don't know if I'll ever get ALL my UFO's done, I just can't help but start a new project every once in a while. But I sure am trying to shorten my list too.

Jacquie said...

Oh my goodness. This is amazing! It looks really big too! I've never done flying geese before, but I do love them. This will be very pretty on your bed.

julieQ said...

This is such an absolutely lovely quilt! Love your colors and piecing...just so pretty!

Sunny said...

OOOOO, I love this quilt. The colors are excellant. I have a love of leaves too. I plan on making a maple leaf quilt sometime in the near future! I already have my inspiration border piece! I cannot wait to see it done.