Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring has sprung! Subtitle: Support Hose for Greyhounds

Where does the time go? I wrote on Monday about my wonderful Pay It Forward gift that I received from Jacquie (that I'm still enjoying immensely) ... had other things to write about, but the week slipped away and here it is, Saturday evening.

Well, better late than never, I suppose!

So where does the time go? Well, first of all. I've finished all but the binding of Signs of Spring. I plan to finish this tonight and will (hopefully) show you tomorrow.

Otherwise, I've not been doing that much quilting ... but I have been walking, walking and walking some more ... here's my walking companion.

This is Jolene and as you can see she had a bandage on her leg. Jolene has arthritis in her back legs and was having trouble getting up the stairs of the deck and into the house. She scraped her legs on the steps and had to be bandaged for a couple of weeks. She's doing much better ... no more bandage and, with the help of daily aspirin, is feeling much better. In the meantime, we're walking more ... twice a day ... down to the lake (or further) and back ... good exercise for both of us!

We're experimenting with "support hose" or leggings to try to protect her legs ... I made these from an old pair of leggings ... they fall off when we go walking, but I'm experimenting with the design. She's much happier without them at the moment. Maybe it's the color ... maybe She's worried that all the other dogs are going to make fun of her for wearing stockings ... she looks pretty mortified in the photo ... ("oh mom!").
In the meantime, Spring is finally here ... here's a daffodil in our garden ... (thank you for the bulbs, Dan!) ...And some down the road ...A neighbor's forsythia ...
I love that yellow and green ... so bright and happy!
And Laurel Lake, with beautiful Mt Monadnock in the distance ...
It's a beautiful place to walk every day!


Collin Williams said...

You love in a beautiful place and have a cool dog. New Hampshire is one of the few places I never did get to visit... looks awesome though.


BetsyE said...

We had a black greyhound until about 1 year ago, and he looked amazingly like your girl. And seemed to bang his legs up so easily too! I never thought of the support hose idea...good one! Betsy

Jacquie said...

Jolene is a doll, I think she looks pretty chic in her stockings. You have to be pretty confident to wear purple! Beautiful pictures! Don't you just love spring!

country mouse said...

Yea for spring!! How wonderful when those yellow daffodils and forsythia finally burst forward. Let Jolene know she may be starting a new trend in 'doggie-wear' and to wear those purple leggings with confidence! ;cD

The Calico Quilter said...

Beautiful pictures - here in the southeast we've had our spring and are edging toward summer - it's 82 degrees!

I love your quilts, especially the maple leaf. I made one (but not so fancy) years ago and my mom hand quilted it. I don't mind flying geese blocks, but after 52 bazillion maple leaves, I was DONE with that block!

Is your dog a grayhound rescue? She's adorable.