Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mythological Creature in Rural New Hampshire!

On Thursday, May 1st the mythological "Dachsicorn" was spotted in rural New Hampshire. This animal, long thought to be an old-wives tale, was spotted and captured on camera by a resident of southwestern New Hampshire.

The story goes that this creature was infamous for a loud, dog-like, barking noise, it's desire to "taste" it's prey by continuously licking their hands or neck (or any bare skin) and it's insatiable lust for belly rubs.

Here's a view of the creature at rest:
Note that it's bed is in need of cleaning ... the Dachsicorn was also infamous for it's lack of tidiness. Also note it's chubby and cute physique ... this trait was intended to catch it's victims off guard in order to procure treats and even more belly rubs! Pure evil!

A close-up view of the beast:
Be on your guard!

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